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Minecraft Server Information

Posted by Martyn on December 12th, 2011

We have an official multiplayer Minecraft server that all Saplings are very welcome to join and play in at any time of the day or night.. NO WHITELIST – The IP

How To Get Started Up On The Server:

  • Enter the schoolhouse & begin your Acorn To Sapling quest!
  • Complete all 9 challenges set, this will take you a while..
  • Once you’ve completed them all, promote yourself to a Sapling!
  • Choose a state to begin your adventure & enjoy the main server..

Toby’s Simple Guide To The AcornToSapling Commands!

All the achievements & your track record can be found here:

The World You Inhabit.. Haven!

So the world you’ll be inhabiting as a Sapling is known as Haven, homing the Stirlius federation which watches over the many different vibrant & expansive states.

Each state has its own set of rules and a visual style which you need to stick too. There’s everything from impressive kingdoms, to woodland towns and futuristic space cities!!

Not all of them can be teleported to, that takes some travelling on foot or by sea!

Visit these pages and help make your choice: